How to download torrent files!!, one of the most popular torrent meta-search engine bids farewell as it has been shut down a little while ago. The actual reason for the shutdown is still unknown and was a real shock  to all torrent lovers.
Now, for all the  torrent lover this was a huge nightmare.

So, we find out some certain  ways for downloading torrent files.


If you’re concerned about your online privacy, then be sure to use the VPN

So without any due lets began

Image result for torrentzUse Torrentz Clones As Alternatives

These websites sprung up soon after the demise of Torrentz and are gaining popularity. Here are the two best Torrentz clones you can use today: is an exact replica of the original website and indexes over 55 million torrent files. It also provides the exact same experience as Torrentz but does not allow bookmarks, comments, or votes to users as yet. tops the list of clone websites and have a large amount of traffic

Torrent indexers are currently operating so you can also use these clone websites as an alternative to Torrentz.

Note:-If in case the above website is block by the ISR,then read ours previous blogs “How to bypass block websites


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