How to use virtual private network for secure browsing

The basic need of virtual private network is because somewhere in our institutes we are not given access to every internet site we desire and sometime we also can not get to reach certain site we need so here is a proper solution how to use VPN and access all the sites we want How to set up a VPN


If you’re concerned about online privacy or are trying to access content that is blocked in the country you’re in, you might be interested in using a VPN. Here we explain what is a VPN, and show you how to set up a VPN for private browsing or for accessing blocked content.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network, and there are several reasons why you might want to use one. A VPN prevents people from spying on you while you use the internet, and this is useful if you travel with a laptop, smartphone or tablet and access WiFi hotspots in public places. It does the same thing when you’re using the internet at home, or in the office.

A VPN can also be used to make it appear as if you are located in another country. This can unlock services that are blocked from your real location, for example, you can watch catch-up TV like BBC iPlayer while on holiday or a business trip abroad. Some VPNs even let you watch US Netflix in the UK.

There are many VPNs and most require a subscription. We have separate articles that share our favourite VPN APPS and SERVER FOR VPN, but here we explain more about what a VPN is, why you might want one and also recommend a couple of our favourites right here.

Below we’re using NordVPN to illustrate the process of installing and setting up a VPN. This process can be applied to many other VPN services but with slight variations. NordVPN is our favourite service available right now, but it’s a paid-for option so might not suit everyone and there are alternatives available with different benefits that you might want to explore if you’re not sure. You can see those in our round-up of the Best VPNs 2017 and the Best free VPNs 2017.

How to use a VPN

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to start using a VPN is to sign up for the service of your choice and download it. If you’ve chosen NordVPN, go to its website and click Buy Now. Most VPN services have three tiers depending on how long you want to commit for, and most have a money back guarantee that’ll reassure you if you aren’t completely sure whether a VPN is going to work for you.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to download and install the app on your Mac or PC. Then, launch the app to get started.

In our next article we will discuss about how to use VPN in mobile device on various platforms





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